Prize Winners Participate in an Observation Flight



The prize winners and the aircraft OO-MMM.
Prize Winners Participate in an Observation Flight
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On July 8, 2016, two winners of the contest “1001 ideas” received their prize. Wendy Glenisson and Peter Berghmans boarded the Britten Norman Islander observation aircraft for a control flight over the North Sea.
After getting acquainted with the crew (pilots Paul De Prest and Geert Present and OD Nature operator Kobe Scheldeman) Wendy and Peter received safety training. Then they were ready for take off from the Ostend airport. A first highlight was the flight over the wreck of the sunken cargo ship 'Flinterstar" near the port of Zeebrugge.
Then the aircraft overflew the wind farms and the winners could see how the installation vessel named “Vole au vent“ was working on the construction of the new wind farm “Nobelwind“. After overflying the wind farm area at sea, which stretches along the Belgian-Dutch maritime border for kilometers, the aircraft flew back to Ostend via the northern sea route along the British maritime border and the anchor area, where Peter and Wendy could see some huge sea vessels from up close.
Thanks to the beautiful weather, there was an excellent visibility up to 25 km and many photos and videos were taken. Fortunately no illegal activities have been observed during the observation flight so the crew had plenty of time to answer all questions. After a soft landing one last picture was taken and the winners lived an unforgettable experience.

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