Dead Seal with Fish hook in Stomach



Fishhook in the stomach of the seal.
Dead Seal with Fish hook in Stomach
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A seal that stranded in Blankenberge this week has been examined. The animal died a painful death from a hook in the stomach.

On Monday, December 14th, 2015 a seal was found in the harbor of Blankenberge. The animal had recently died, and an autopsy was conducted by Thierry Jauniaux of the University of Liège, in collaboration with our colleagues of RBINS and of Sea Life Blankenberge. During the autopsy severe injuries were observed in the gullet and stomach, and a fish hook was found in the stomach. The fish hook led to peritonitis and a relatively quick death.

Old friend

The seal was an old friend: the animal stranded as a pup earlier this year and had been rehabilitated by Sea Life Blankenberge. The animal was declared completely healthy and was released back into the sea on November 28, 2015 in Blankenberge. Unfortunately, the seal could not enjoy freedom for long ...


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