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Book 'Insectes du Monde'

Taxonomists publish 'Insect Bible'

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Reinout Verbeke

Experts have assembled 1.848 pages of knowledge about all insect orders in a new two-volume book: Les Insectes du Monde (in French). The first part is a practical guide to determine the different insect groups, while the second volume features illustrations.

Bottlenose dolphin seeks the company of divers, 26 February 2021, Belgian part of the North Sea (© RBINS/A. Norro)

Scientific divers are visited by two Bottlenose dolphins

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Kelle Moreau

On 26 February, two Bottlenose dolphins accompanied scientists during an entire dive near the Westhinder measuring platform in the south-western part of the Belgian North Sea.

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Impression of the exhibition Sea Force © Technopolis

Dive into the future at brand-new exhibition Sea Force

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Kelle Moreau

As of this summer, Mechelen is the place to be for an extraordinary day out by the sea.

Toxicodryas vexator (photo: Konrad Mebert)

Six New Snake Species Described

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Reinout Verbeke

Biologist Olivier Pauwels has described six new snake species. Two of them live in trees in Central Africa, three others on limestone hills in Thailand and another one near mountain rivers in the north of South-East Asia and the south of China.

Welcome to Pollinator Park

Welcome to Pollinator Park

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Siska Van Parys

Discover Pollinator Park, a beautiful virtual reality about the bleak future humanity faces without pollinators.


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